What is “Red Wheels Turning”?

Red Wheels Turning is a short alternative history (alternate history) novel, set in pre-revolutionary Russia in 1915-16, and features some fantastic machinery that actually existed in real life. The characters and some of the events in the story are also featured in Beneath Gray Skies, the best-selling alternate history story set in the 1920s Confederate States of America.

Christopher Belton, author of Isolation and Crimes Without Frontiers, says about the book:

Red Wheels Turning provides fans of Beneath Gray Skies with another opportunity to meet up with an old favorite; Brian Finch-Malloy. An impeccably crafted tale exuding volumes of World War I’s black-and-white atmosphere in vibrant technicolor. Hugh Ashton’s careful attention to detail pulls the reader into the story from page one and then steps on the accelerator. A riveting plot wrapped up in a firm coating of history, with good guys to root for and bad guys to despise. A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish.

Here is the book cover:

Cover of Red Wheels Turning (paperback and ebook)